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It is very well known that, human's desire for beauty and harmony is a natural tendency. As the visual appeal is closely related to health, scientists believe that aesthetics has a biological background. Chronic diseases provoke withering and aging. To the contrary, being in good health allows keeping fit and being active for many long years.

The Royal Clinic - is a new multi-field clinic, where it is possible to undergo treatment, current health recheck and rehabilitation. Our clinic offers different services, such as: gynecology, urology, internal medicine, cardiology, neurology, endocrinology, cosmetology, reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, mammalogy, andrology, ultrasonic examination etc. Our clinic has also a stomatology, which runs a full range of services: therapy, orthopedics, orthodontics, surgery, implantology. The Royal Clinic also has balneary where the main therapeutic effect is based on the physicochemical properties of the water. These are: bubble bath, Charcot's douche, circular douche and spa capsule. All rooms are equipped with modern equipment.

Our doctors are highly experienced surgeons, gynecologists, urologists, beauticians, therapists and doctors from other branches of medicine. We work by the principle of individual approach and use the latest medical technology. For each patient it is opened an «electronic medical record» - a computer document that contains information about the state of health, medical manipulation, analysis and expectancies . It allows making a clear plan examination, to keep a diary of the attending physician and provide the patient with objective and reliable information. Such a comprehensive approach helps to achieve maximum results and ensure comfort and safety of each patient.

The Royal Clinic - here you can find health, beauty, strength and energy of youth.